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Sage Talks

Sage Talks are influential and inspiring presentations that cover a wide range of topics, delivered by experts, innovators, and thought leaders from various fields.

Sage Talks have engaging and concise format, with speakers typically given 20 minutes or less to convey their ideas and insights. The goal of Sage Talks is to share powerful ideas, spark meaningful conversations, and inspire positive change.


YouTube Program


Mirae Asset Sekuritas




MIA in charge of developing concept, script, run down, production, and post-production including distribution to Mirae Asset YouTube channel.

With Sage Talk program, Mirae Asset strengthens its reputation

and authority in the investment world by sharing in-depth insights and innovative thinking.

Such programs can build strong emotional connections with audiences, creating deeper

and more positive relationships.

Additionally, creating thought-provoking and inspirational content can increase brand awareness, attract new attention, and expand audience reach. By providing

added value to audiences through meaningful information

and motivating thoughts,

Mirae Asset strengthen ties

with existing customers and create new opportunities for

business growth.

Sage Talks

Using the right visuals and logo will add value to a YouTube program, so don't make a mistake!

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