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PT Sometech Indonesia (ST Indonesia) is a leading and trusted provider of beauty and medical products and equipment in Indonesia which has been established since 2012. Sometech Indonesia consists of a team of experts who continue to innovate in developing technology to support the work of specialist doctors so that they can provide quality and more modern services to patients, which of course will also increase comfort for patients.

Project Name

Croqui Digital Ads


Video Production




One of the most top selling product from Sometech Indonesia is Croquis, which is

a facial thread that has become Experts Choice Global No. 1 PDO Thread. Croquis thread is made from PDO which has been chosen and used by many doctors both

in Indonesia and globally. The increasing public interest in body care treatments, especially facial care, has indirectly also led to innovation in techniques and products

for facial care.

MIA contributes to deliver awareness that later convert into sales of Croquis products through video advertisement on digital platform. MIA responsible on creating video concept, production, post-producton, and publication for Croquis Indonesia.


By creating visualization mockups, the brand will appear much more attractive and convincing in the eyes of the client, thus increasing the sales potential of the product being featured in this project

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