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PT Daeah E&C is a construction company based in South Korea which has expertise in various construction projects, including the construction of office buildings, infrastructure and industrial facilities.

Project Name

Company Profile Video


Video Production




A company profile video for this company is very important because it increases trust, shows company values ​​and culture, attracts clients and new projects, and provides differentiation from competitors.

MIA contributes to organizing and carrying out professional video production, from creative concept, shooting, editing, to distribution, thereby creating videos that represent the brand effectively and attract the attention of the target audience.

To have connections with many clients, the company profile must of course contain the history of the company, the company's achievements, the quality of the company's machines, and what things it wants to achieve.

MIA also created a draft design for the company's website with the latest appearance and of course more user friendly.

Apart from an attractive appearance, the website is also equipped with responsive features and makes it easy for users to find information.

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