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Indo Sung Il Jaya

Indo Sung Il Jaya is a limited liability company that produces shoe lace

& webbing tape on a large scale. Because the scope is B2B, this company

has the need to upgrade their company profile.

Project Name

Company Profile


Company Profile Design



banner 1.jpg

Because their business case is to strengthen brand credibility and brand identity for B2B, MIA company has the responsibility to strengthen their company profile.

A company profile that is compact and attractive in terms of information and visuals will make it easier for brands to gain the trust of potential customers and potential customers can get brief information from the company profile.

To have connections with many clients,

the company profile must of course contain

the history of the company, the company's achievements, the quality of the company's machines, and what things it wants to achieve.

Showing the processes and working methods of factories that are qualified and owned by Indo Sung Il Jaya will certainly add value as well and increase the trust of potential customers.


Success Point

Therefore, MIA has succeeded in helping Indo Sung Il Jaya to further strengthen their marketing media, to increase awareness

and company credibility.

Besides the substance quality, the material and visual quality of a company profile also wield significant influence in cultivating trust among prospective customers.

Using quality 150gr A4 Art Paper, MIA Company succeeded in presenting a good company profile for Indo Sung Il Jaya.

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