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Korea 360

Korea 360 is a place to support the expansion and promotion of Korean Wave (Hallyu) content and related industries in the country. Visitors can experience a comprehensive experience related to South Korea starting from K-Pop, K-Culture, K-Food, to K-Beauty, you can watch everything.

Project Name

K Food Event


Offline Booth Production




Therefore, to help reach more brand awareness, MIA Company tries to take advantage of Hanbok Day and the Hanbok Korea 360 event to create a brand activation.

Event visitors can experience firsthand the materials, beauty and aesthetics of Hanbok with the aim of participants gaining new knowledge and experiences about Korea after attending HANBOK KOREA 360,

K360 SECTION 2_5.png

Apart from that, events like this can also increase brand switching to brand loyalty because brand activation is carried out by interacting directly with the audience or giving them space to try the products/experiences provided by Korea360.

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