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MBN (Maeil Broadcasting Network)

Maekyung Media Group is a media company in South Korea, operating newspapers, broadcast networks, weekly and monthly magazines, and electronic newspapers

that reach 15 million viewers every day.

Project Name

Maekyung Indonesia Forum 2023 Opening Video


Video Production



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Maekyung Indonesia Forum 2023 held in collaboration between Maekyung Media Group, the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry/KADIN, and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency/KOTRA.

MIA contributed on the production of opening video for Maekyung Indonesia Forum 2023 including creating concept, copy, production, and post-production.


The opening video can be used to clearly convey the mission, vision and objectives of the Maekyung Indonesia Forum 2023 to the audience, helping to clarify the message to be conveyed. By using engaging visual and audio elements, opening videos can increase participant enthusiasm and energy, helping to create an inspiring and motivating atmosphere.

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