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HOTS Championship S2-S10

HOTS Championship is a biggest trading competition in Indonesia, hosted by Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia.


Digital Event


Mirae Asset Sekuritas


2020 - 2022

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MIA handled from making the competition concept, purpose, and until execution of events.

HOTS Championship is now positioned as biggest trading competition in Indonesia and over 1,000,000 traders have participated through all seasons. 

Through HOTS Championship, star traders were born such as Mr. Bekti Sutikna, Mr. Om Ben, Mr. Belvin VVIP, and more as a trading coach/influencer in Indonesia Stock Market.

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In the process, MIA also contributed to creating all
marketing materials for the HOTS Championship,
including production and distribution on the YouTube platform.


To end this competition event, MIA wants Mirae
Asset to maintain the euphoria by sharing tips
& tricks from the competition winners because
they managed to make 800% profit!

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